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Sep. 21st, 2007

dad and I yankees

yep, I pretty much think I'm done...

...removing those I did had no meaning other than the realization I haven't been reading anyway o:) Kept those I did because I really want to try and keep updated with some of you and that wasn't happening with the size of my friends list. I had exactly one FO post in the last year and that was because I didn't want to put my Prague address out to the whole world. I don't really see myself active here much, but there might be the random post. I doubt it though.

My blog will stay active, and I'm enjoying Facebook more than I thought I would. Feel free to poke me there, I like Friends :)

Sep. 15th, 2007

dad and I yankees

(no subject)

so I finally joined Facebook....

emmavescence found me :), I suppose others of you who are more familiar with the site know how to add me. I added those who I knew were on and could find :)

and yeah, really have gotten atrocious about updating. School is going well, as is work. Busier than ever but I'm taking the train so I have reading time :)

I wish it were spring:

Aug. 30th, 2007

girly girl

Hair: Before and After

After talking about it for months, I finally chopped it off.

Took off about 13 inches when it's pulled straight and it feels so much lighter. I love it. It's basically the same do I had when I went to Japan the first time since I used that gaijin card as a model. Such a nice change, so much more manageable.

And yes, I'm back. :)

Aug. 14th, 2007

chasing dreams

not missing...

just wandered off to Australia o:) I'm back on the 27th. Not much time online, busy with wedding stuff (I'm bridesmaid) and visiting people... I no longer have any of my Australia icons :-( but this - probably literally on this couch too - is where this journal was born...

I'll leave you with this picture:

since it's where we ate yesterday. Not literally, since that photo is Kobe and I'm in Melbourne, but you get the idea. Thank you for the purchase up indeed!

I forgot my camera, but if I borrow one travellingcari will be updated.

Aug. 2nd, 2007

1980 somethin'

Twitter / BookMooch / It's too hot!

So courtesy of a post from scarletts_awry, I realised I hadn't updated Twitter. See what happens when I close tabs! At one point while I was writing the sports paper, I had 102 tabs open. I think that's my record. I ♥ Firefox.

beginning's post about Operation and Potato Heads reminded me that I really need to get my ass in gear for Jordan's b-day. I'm getting him this:

Yes, he's 25. I've tried Target, Wal-Mart, TRU and KB Toys in an effort to avoid paying shipping. No dice. Amazon it is.

Been playing around with BookMooch. I love it. Why did it take me so long to find/use? And unlike the Relays and BC in general, I actually have managed to pass on more books than I've taken in o:) That said, I have gotten a few gems:

ETA: Can't make the widget work. Maybe on my website. But I got some good ones.

ETA x2: SanctuaryFans: don't know if any of you watch, but my friend has put a lot of work into the site and I promised her I'd link.

Goals for the weekend: finish start packing, finish my C&HT paper.
Reality: I'll spend tomorrow in the den because it's 90+ and I don't do heat. Last time I went to Australia I was looking forward to escaping Nov/Dec in NY and called theparents from a payphone on the beach at Sandgate. This time, I'm interested in the cooler weather.

Aug. 1st, 2007

girly girl

Tan: Update

So the verdict on the Neutrogena is that it works wonderfully. I got the Sheer Body Tint in Light/Medium and tested it today. I blend! Simple pleasures.

Kohl's was also having a sale on sneakers so I finally got a pair of new Asics. I got the last ones a little more than two years ago and they've been through Australia's Center and on Sakurajima in Japan. They earned the right to retire. Random Purchase: Green Eggs and Ham shirt. Good for the gym and goes well with my Sesame "Representin' The Street" shirt.

One paper down and I'm going to get the other done so I can relax on the trip. So far for plane reading I have:
Cheap Hotels and a Hot Plate - Michael D. Yates
Abraham - Bruce Feiler
...and one or two others. Need to choose. Lots of flights. Any recommendations?

Jul. 30th, 2007

girly girl

Self Tan help...

...and no, not trying to turn myself orange!

I'm wearing a sleeveless dress for the wedding and I have a horrid farmer tan. I went to the mall and after talking with one of the salespeople at Macy's she recommended against one of the Clairins products that her coworker suggested. "You're only using this once?"
I nodded. I'm not quite Casper but I'm not far from Christina Ricci's make up ;) I have no interest in tanning since I usually burn. This tan has been purely a product of three days at Yankee Stadium and four weeks in Europe.
"Then don't waste your money."

She then recommended Neutrogena Sheer Body Tint, which is much more pocket friendly.

Anyone ever use this? I'm very hesitant because I don't want to look strange. As it is, coming from the Northern Hemisphere, I'll be the only one with a tan at this winter wedding.

Jul. 26th, 2007

x-files whammy

I have a new theory...

...either get thicker skin or get off the internet.


This appears to be the week of flame wars and drama stemming from: "Mommy, he looked at me funny."

I'm not talking about serious personal attacks but lame stuff. Seriously, if you can't accept the fact that a) your opinion isn't always right and b) people are going to say things that might offend you or c) you might actually *learn* from these new opinions, get off the internet.

Feel free to use the delete key or the back button but for the love of moo (beginning, how long ago did you coin that one, and I'm still using it!) quit whining about it. Seriously, elementary school playground week.

Gah! On the plus side, my sports paper is nearly done and if the GE service man gets here on time, I'm going to get a pedicure on the way home from the gym.

Jul. 21st, 2007

chasing dreams

Potter: No Spoilers in the main post

So I worked the release, which was a lot of fun. Couldn't find my old McGonagall robes (resurected Snow White Queen costume) but my Naz graduation gown was a good stand in. Kids had great costumes and it really was a family event.

Got home and read from 1-3:30 when I made myself go to bed. Up today and read save for breaks for yard saling and dinner. Very similar to two years ago.

spoilers, bewareCollapse )

I'm sure I'll think of more. Spoil away in the comments.

Jul. 19th, 2007

1980 somethin'

80s TV

Samantha's Growing Up.

yes, I'm watching a 1985 episode of Who's The Boss while writing my paper because there's NOTHING else on. Not even an ep of L&O or SVU.

That said, they're all so young. I feel old.

Does anyone remember the how and why they all ended up as housemates?
jesse's girl

GSP: Gratuitous Smily Post

Saw it on another message board and I ♥ it. The nurse who took the stitches out on Tuesday asked what I was looking forward to doing. When I answered, "Gym and a real shower," she laughed.

Also ♥ this icon:

I'm working the HP release at the local bookstore tomorrow night. Can't wait, it's going to be fun. I'm not nearly as into it as some, but I love the local store and it's going to be fun.

ETA: BookMooch is down and I really wanted to add to my inventory. Points depleting from "too much" shopping.

Jul. 18th, 2007

d/c close-up kiss

Interview Meme....

so I succumbed to temptation after stellaluna_ did...Don't think I need to explain it since everyone done this long before I finally did (though I think I may have done a variation on skinglist...ETA: I did.

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favourite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.

2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.

3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.

5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

And I promise: I will not ask anyone anything that's too personal.

I got five questions from stellaluna_...

1. You've done an amazing amount of traveling, which I really admire. What places that you haven't visited yet are ones you absolutely want to go to at some point in your lifetime?

Hmmm. Most of this comes from the stops that were supposed to happen if the trip went the way it was supposed to. Out of all that, I only made it to the Australian sites (plus a few in Europe) so the remaining must sees are:

Cape Town, South Africa - it's supposed to be gorgeous
St. Petersburg - yep still have a fascination with Russian history
Galapagos Islands - I love animals, and the scenery is supposed to be amazing
Middle East - probably not specific enough but I'm reading "Walking the Bible" and am utterly fascinated by the history of the region.

Antarctica is on the list because it's a continent I haven't been to, but I don't have a good reason for wanting to go.

2. What were your favorite games when you were little?

Ooh, I like this question. Let's see:
Outdoors: Hopscotch and jump rope definitely. I can still probably sing most of the jump rope songs. Also Duck, Duck Goose, Mother May I, Red Light, Green Light, Running Bases and Hide and Go Seek.
Indoors: Cabbage Patch Kids, School... Can't really think of too many others.

3. What's a good way to spend a hot summer day when you have nothing in particular that you have to get done?

Depends if there's a breeze. If there is, probably at the beach. If there isn't, draped in front of an AC or other cooling source and reading.

4. What are your favorite moments/scenes of Mac/Stella interaction on CSI:NY?
Officer Blue: I like the real adult fight. They got the issues out in the air and settled them. No petty sniping. Same with another s1 ep whose name I can't think of at the moment.

Another s1 scene (CBS' guide is down) where she meets him in the coffee shop to talk about the case--him explaining why he wnted to look at the evidence again. This time, he could make a difference.

All Access: not exactly their interaction but how they handled it. She needed him to go through her apartment because she trusts him the most. Also the end was beautiful.
The ep this season following her exposure. I loved the hug when she told him *and* the scene in his office where she talked to him about the test and ordering the kit.

5. Tell me about some of your all-time favorite TV shows.
Favourite doesn't have to mean good, right ;) I think mine are:
Sisters - I don't know how I got into it, but I fell in love with the stories of Georgie, Teddy, Frankie, Alex and later Charley (and of course sexy Falconer). I wrote Sisters!Fic before I knew what fic was.

Melrose Place - a soap, but one with a fun cast. I remember my coworkers at the job I worked my senior year in high school watched this and I felt like a grown up. Now mousie962 and I enjoy looking back on the fun.

ER - I started watching initially because of George Clooney and didn't last. Went back to it my junior year in college when everyone was watching and got sucked back in. This was my first exposure online to fic. Doug and Carol were magic.

SVU - fell in love by accident with the cult episode even though I'd seen it on and off before. Back in s6, Elliot and Olivia had some M/S like interaction and I loved it. Fell hard for fic here too but don't enjoy SVU as much as I used to anymore. It's lost its magic.

and of course you know about NY :)

That was fun, any other takers? :)

It's way too hot and sticky today.

Jul. 16th, 2007

1980 somethin'

(no subject)

Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl

It's in my head because it's been played on TV _all day_. I don't necessarily like either candidate but I have to admit it's an inventive way to get people to pay attention. That said, why oh why did election insanity start so early? I'm already sick of it.

Swear I'm going to be bringing back some of my favourite '04 icons:
or stealing moska's:...

Jul. 13th, 2007

chasing dreams

About my travels...

it wasn't directly asked in the ask me a question meme, but the question relating to why I travel and where I've been comes up somewhat regularly so I decided to attempt an answer :)

But that don't mean I've forgotten where I came from
That's just me chasing dreams, yeah

Still love the song, so so true...

Jul. 10th, 2007

x-files whammy

do they *want* to piss off everyone?

"Despite the fact that this teaching has created no little distress ... it is nevertheless difficult to see how the title of 'Church' could possibly be attributed to them," it said.
Vatican: Non-Catholics 'wounded' by not recognizing pope

between that, the restoration of the Latin Mass and their fit over the new 7 wonders*, it sure seems as if they're trying to undo decades and or centuries of healing.

I'd love to talk to dad about this, to ask what he thinks...Because I just don't get it. Maybe it's whammy related? People really are scarily self-centric at times.

On another note, you guys rock, you really do.

*they had some competition there from Egypt in terms of odd comments....

Jul. 9th, 2007

dad and I yankees

One Year...

"God has given us many stars to shine, many flowers to bloom, many friends to cherish but only one Father to remember."

By date, it's a year tomorrow but it's really today. Probably about now. I was at the gym and stopped at Pickwick and came home to find neighbours and police looking for me or Mom. I still have two voice mails on my phone saved from that day but none from Dad. I didn't know I'd need to
save them. I can still hear his voice and see him. That day is still too fresh, not that I want to fade but a little less vivid would be nice...I'm afraid if I lose that, I lose him. I finally wore the shoes again the other day...

The text is from a prayer card from my neighbour's wake last week. Timing is perfect. Less depressing than the other standard "God broke our hearts to show us that he only takes the best"

Pics are from August '04 at LBI. He looked healthy and happy then.

Still debating what to do tomorrow...

Jul. 8th, 2007

dad and I yankees

I have a working cell phone


...if that sounds unexciting, let me clarify. My cell phone was basically out of commission since March. It "worked" if it was plugged into a power source. (Quickly settled the British/American English debate of whether it was a 'cell' or a 'mobile' phone, it sure as hell wasn't mobile). It would work for ~ten minutes when not plugged in. Useful, huh?

I'd debated buying a new one but they were too much $$ and even eBay didn't have much in the way of a deal. So I was very happy when my friend mentioned she'd gotten a new one. So now, I have a new to me cell phone. It's about two years old but I don't care, it *works*. It has more than one ring tone, a camera and all sorts of useful stuff that I haven't figured out yet. Was so nice to be out and about and be reachable. And of course I still fell asleep on the phone with moska_v ;)


On unrelated notes, weekend was good: Yankees game, shopping without spending money and real food. Friends visiting so we had real (chollah french toast, eggs) breakfast and a BBQ dinner.

Jul. 4th, 2007

dad and I yankees

so life imitates TV...

Melrose, precisely :)

Jack Wagner gushes about Heather Locklear? (Or Peter gushes about Amanda as I just said to

Really makes me want to re-read Getting Over Jack Wagner (even though it's the wrong Jack Wagner) since I just found another copy in my room.

When Jack joined MP as Peter I still thought of him as Frisco, now I'm not sure how I see him...

Brain? What's that?

Very low key 4th. Rainy weather but I got to watch the Yankees game and two Wimbledon matches.

Was able to transfer some stuff off the old laptop, which was good. Among those, some old LJ icons that I might have to bring back. So far filled one huge trash bag in my room and I'm slowly making progress. Listed lots of books I forgot I had on Mooch :)

Today was...harder than I thought it would be. The 4th was our last real dinner together, I think. I kept thinking about it. I don't mind thinking about it, I just wish ... I don't know. Going to Old Timers' Game Saturday will be good.
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Jul. 2nd, 2007

mac wabbits

So where *did* I find all of you?

Coming from a request by heathabear...
How about... the origins of the people on your flist?

So that got me thinking, where *did* I find all of you? ;) Broadly speaking, my friends' list comes from four places: television, LJ Support, BookCrossing and travelling...

and if you want more informationCollapse )

Ouch, my hands hurt!

What makes me smile is how far removed from some of these places I am, yet I've managed to keep in touch with all of you :) Especially LJ Support people. I did this off my mutual friends and then realized I'd gone through a letter and missed someone, only to realize I'd been de-friended. Shows how much attention I pay :o

It would be an interesting comparison if I did this for skinglist's friends...

Still finishing a post re: this weekend's trip...

Jun. 30th, 2007

girly girl


yes? no?

I'm there, finally. Not quite sure what took so long especially since I thought I signed up back in January.

I find it useful for random paperbacks that I know aren't worth listing on half.com and it's good to know they're going to a good home. I love wild releasing but I hate to think of books in a near -new condition being thrown out if released in the 'wrong' location. And although it costs postage, it saves me on buying books. Will serve to get some of the books out until we have a yard sale.

Still no interest in PBS or LibraryThing, don't know why. Went on a registering kick with BC today.

Jun. 28th, 2007

1980 somethin'

Interesting Vid...

Girl, 7, says she's trapped in a boy's body

I have to say that what struck me about this, apart from the parents' obsession over boy and girl toys, which I'll never understand, is how well spoken Ashley is. I'd never have guessed she was 7 from listening to her speak.
dad and I yankees


...and very nearly typed "Home again, home again jiggety jig". I'm insane, this isn't new :)

I just posted a re-cap as well as the Switzerland post and everything can be found under the Europe: Summer 2007 label. I think it's the one aspect in my life that's organized.
ETA: Apparently editing the categories made the whole lot re: update to the syndicated feeds. Sorry 'bout that!

Really was on an organizing kick when I left Prague and wanted to continue but until it cools off, it's just too hot to be upstairs. Waiting for RJ to call with an assignment that's hopefully in an office with AC :)

Thanks for the comments on the previous post, they mean a lot. Responding is hard, these two weeks just need to be *over* Mom and I are going to Philadelphia this weekend to see the King Tut exhibit, should be fun. First though, have to wash the clothes in my recently arrived suitcase. Yes, it finally caught up with me, it had a longer layover in London.

ETA 2: Snagged from deslea and ratkrycek, among others...
Ask me to write an entry about something. I promise to do at least three (not necessarily determined by comment order, just whatever seems to gel) but I'll do more if I have time.

I babble a lot, but is there anything I don't babble about that you want to know?
/pointless update

Jun. 21st, 2007

dad and I yankees

Memories :(

This is what's going through my head this week:

from Michael Carleo <mrc9767@optonline.net>
to Carianne Carleo-Evangelist <skinglist@gmail.com>
date May 9, 2006 7:54 PM
subject Re: Flight...
It will be good to have you home! I will pick you up.
Michael Carleo

----- Original Message -----
From: "Carianne Carleo-Evangelist" <skinglist@gmail.com>
To: "Michael Carleo" <mrc9767@optonline.net>
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 1:32 PM
Subject: Flight...

> So I kinda sorta land at LaGuardia at an ungodly hour on June 23.
> I know 6:15 AM is horrid but it was the only decent priced flight I
> could get. So...what's the story with train to plane? Want me to do
> that and gt to Grand Central or Penn at a reasonable hour? And then
> get to Tarrytown?
> Not really sure about luggage on the subway though, am assuming it
> would be fine on MetroNorth.
> Ideas?
> Me


I've enjoyed the church visits on this trip, it's part of where I felt the closest. I think he's there with me.

I don't believe in switching off comments, but I don't expect 'answers' - I know there aren't any. This is a 2 AM rattled brain. I just can't believe it's been nearly a year.

Jun. 19th, 2007

x-files whammy

"new" 10 Commandments

Vatican Issues 10 Commandments for Drivers...

And it suggested prayer might come in handy -- performing the sign of the cross before starting off and saying the Rosary along the way. The Rosary was particularly well suited to recitation by all in the car since its "rhythm and gentle repetition does not distract the driver's attention."

It's probably wrong to say WTF when talking about the Vatican, Commandments and the Rosary but it's what comes to mind.

And yes, I would have e-mailed this link to Dad and asked if they really had this much time on their hands...

I can think of no better icon for this post...

Jun. 18th, 2007

dad and I yankees

Update on the last few days...

- Cesky Krumlov, which I haven't gotten around to posting about was fun. There are some photos here,perhaps the most interesting one was the speedos, which need to be banned.

- Berlin was a lot of fun and it was great to see Ute again. I'm still 'digesting' my thoughts but there is a travelog posted. It's somewhat hard to believe the wall is still there, yet at times it feels like it never was (i.e. Checkpoint Charlie which is now a bit of a tourist trap).

- Yesterday being Father's Day was hard, much as I tried to 'ignore' the day. On the bus tour Saturday there was a lady my age with her parents-her father was listening to the commentary and noticing the craziest things. Oy :( It needs to be July 11th now, I can't believe it's already been almost a year.

- Embassy this AM, new passport pages added because mine was full. Silly stamp happy EU :)

- We're going to some living history museum tomorrow, Kutna Hora on Thursday (I think) and then the class is over. I leave for Switzerland on Saturday and am home Monday :o Where exactly have these four weeks gone?

- And as some of you noticed via comment spam, I was finally able to see FO entries.o:)

Jun. 12th, 2007

dad and I yankees


Kinda sorta been forgetting to update here when I post there. It's silly to cross post now after the fact so here's a pictorial overview of the last few weeks. All the photos are here and you can read the write-ups if you're interested...

Prague Castle from the Vlatva River:

Quote from Auschwitz Exhibit:

Birkenau Memorial:

and lesson learned:

Karlovy Vary:


St. Peter's/Vatican:

If anyone wants to read direct, the entries post to sk_travels_2005 and travellingcari as well...

Jun. 1st, 2007

1980 somethin&#39;

Weekend Travels, etc.

I definitely feel like I'm channeling Australia. Not that Prague is that similar however the hair is in braids* (there it was the convenience and weather, here it's just too long to deal with, plus it's out of my face) and I'm doing long distance by surface. In Australia it was Greyhound, here it's train.

The train leaves at 8:30 for Krakow, where I'll arrive around 6AM. It's a direct train and I'm hoping to sleep. I'll then catch a bus/train [I can't decide, bus is more direct and it's what most sites advocate, however there are those that comment on riding the train as it passes very close to Birkenau...] to Auschwitz. I'll spend the day there before catching a train back at ~11p tomorrow night. It's going to be an educating weekend...

I so wish I'd known about Global Roamer sooner...

Plans for next week include: day trip to Karlovy Vary to see the spas, day trip to Terezin (yes, I'll be doing this in both classes), a 6 hour tour of the Prague sports facilities and a rafting trip. I'm so going to need a nap at the weekend but it's going to be wonderful.

Oh and this icon, completely appropriate. Walked into a restaurant for lunch and Toy Soldiers was playing and the next day as we walked to class, we were serendaded by Eye of the Tiger. Today's tunes were more current...Coco Jumbo!

*though they may come out, braids seems too playful for Auschwitz.

May. 29th, 2007

m/s my sanctuary


London was fun, and Prague has been so far as well.

I posted just a few picture from London. Yes, a real few, not a Cari few though I took 83 and have made a few posts. Today's word of the day is Bang-Ze.

More later when I actually have something to say ;)

ETA: moska_v already knows (since you inspired it, as always), but stellaluna_, scarlettsawry and sehlatrevo, you might enjoy a little ficlet. M/S fluff that I actually wrote rather than just snippetted :o

May. 17th, 2007

chasing dreams

So it's probably not a good thing that I couldn't remember when I last updated, is it?


Been busy but winding down. Work ends tomorrow and in one week I'll be in London. So much to do before then.

I looked at the basement laundry rack this afternoon--specifically at the clothes that haven't moved since the end of last summer-and realised that all I need to buy is a pair of pants or two. These are a possibility, but I also like these. I need to have a look see around to see if I still have my capri jeans from like four years ago.

Going to need to get mini toiletries...Ugh

I'm strange, been watching the Bob Barker specials. Adam Sandler's poem was funny. Can't believe it's season finale time, though in a way its good because otherwise I wouldn't see them. I've missed more of SVU than I've seen this season but I was a good girl as far as NY was concerned.

I'm just looking forward to being able to read this summer, and maybe even keep up here. sk_travels_2005 will have Prague photos, I hope.

Apr. 21st, 2007

chasing dreams


(crossposted from travellingcari)

Thursday 24 May: Newark to London:Heathrow
Friday 25 May: Heathrow to Prague
Saturday 23 June: Prague to Switzerland. Train/plane plans not completely set but I think I'm going via train for the scenery.
Monday 25 June: Geneva to New York

The interim month is, of course, summer study abroad. Four weeks, two classes. We'll be travelling during the classes as well, both around the Czech Republic and for Sports Tourism the professor is talking about a weekend trip to either Turino or one of the World Cup sites. Still planning to also try and visit Poland, which I didn't get to do last time, and catch up with someone :p

And then after a hiatus where I try to earn some money, Im off again...

8 August: New York to Los Angeles
8 August: Los Angeles to Melbourne via Auckland - [yet another, technically I've been to the country but I haven't made it out of the airport stops, unfortunately]. Forgot how crazy the flights from the west coast are, I don't arrive until Friday! No Thursday just like when I went to Fiji.
19 August: Melbourne to Adelaide
23 August: Adelaide to Brisbane
24 August: Brisbane to Los Angeles
26 August: Los Angeles to New York

....probably not, but it's going to be a fun summer. skyring, I'll probably be poking you re: milage stuff. What's the site you use for good info? I know you gave me the link but I can't find it now. Eep.

First I have to get through the end of this semester. PGAV/Gettysburg presentation is Tuesday. Yay. Then I need to get back to my Organic Restaurant, which is due Monday. The end is in sight :)

Apr. 15th, 2007

dad and I yankees

(no subject)

That's going to be me on Tuesday since that's right at the intersection of Astor Place where my class is. Some more great photos here. I didn't bother going out at all today so no pics of my own.

News is saying ~6 inches of rain, I can't even fathom that.

Lovely weather, if you're a duck!

Apr. 14th, 2007

dad and I yankees

Sunday, Lovely Sunday...

A flood watch was posted for the New York City region, as the weather service forecast 2 to 4 inches of rain Sunday with wind gusting to 50 mph. Snow and sleet were possible inland, Koch said. Charming

We just got a call from the Village Hall letting us know sandbags are available. We're up hill from the river so I'm not worried, but it's not going to be pretty. Hope all stay warm, safe and dry.
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Apr. 12th, 2007

chasing dreams

social networking, reading, summer classes, etc.

So I keep getting these random e-mails that friends have added me as friends on Facebook. Um, I may be the only one on the planet but I don't have (nor do I want) a Facebook account. I'm not anti facebook, or any site, I just have enough accounts at places that I don't use (Frienster, LinkedIn, WAYN...) so why add another? Am I really missing something?

I'm on a reading kick at a time I can least afford it. I just finished Knockabout Girl [non fiction: travel] and Christine Falls (crime fiction). Started Finding George Orwell in Burma as soon as I finished Knockabout, but I'm not feeling the love. It's well-written but I don't have a huge interest in Burma or Orwell. I shouldn't be reading anything, too much work to do in the next few weeks.

So got my end date at work even though I got a temporary promotion effective Monday. Another of the HRAs is leaving effective tomorrow and I'll take on her position until I leave on May 18th. Going to be busy! That 10 day window will give me time to get ready for Prague. Hoping not to spend all the time at the dentist, just got referred today to the endodontist. Eep.

Oh, and I'm very jealous of skyring and his trip right now :(

Apr. 8th, 2007

dad and I yankees

american bunnies lay eggs...

yep, that's what I learned last year...

I went back through my journal because I had no memories of my second Japan easter. It was a non-event, apparently. This is actually my first US Easter in a while:

2001 - senior year in college, don't remember if I came home or not.
2002 - Japan, don't remember Easter I was in Australia. I think that was when the Queen Mum died.
2003 - US, I think
2004 - Canada for Jamie's wedding. I remember calling to say Happy Easter as I was driving from Red Deer to Banff
2005 - Australia. Remember everything being closed for Good Friday more than I remember Easter.
2006 - Japan

...it's definitely become my country hopping holiday...

We dyed eggs this evening. That was a little hard. We did Dad's egg though and we're going to bring it to the cemetery tomorrow. Wonder if deer eat hard boiled eggs?

While looking through my posts I found one on the BC Top 110. I haven't made too much of a dent this year. As always, I blame school. I'm currently reading Finding George Orwell in Burma which I've heard good things about. Just finished Knockabout Girl which I absolutely adored.

I was a bad girl on Amazon today but we're not going to talk about that. Nope nope nope o:)

Icon actually pretty appropriate today due to the Walk Off Grand Slam!

Happy Bunny to all who celebrate!

Apr. 6th, 2007

x-files whammy


I'm either updating there and not here, or vice versa o:) Things going well, I got extended at work through May 17th which is perfect because I'd planned that to be my last day-ish before Prague. It's nice knowing I'll have a decent income until I go.

School is wrapping up and I can't believe I'm nearly done with my first year when it feels like I only just got in! At the end of April I'll have 18 credits and 24 by the end of June. EEK! The Masters itself is only 42 credits. I'll be > 1/2 way done!

Trying to choose classes which is slightly breaking my brain. I have the following choices:
  • Consulting (Core course, currently scheduled for six Saturdays from 9a-3p. Normally only offered in the Fall. Supposedly going to be taught by the Dean)
  • E-Commerce (Core course, mixed reviews. Not sure how often it's offered other than the fact that it was also offered this semester.)
  • Urban Tourism Development (Requirement for my concentration. Seems interesting. Not sure how often it's offered, though I think it was offered last Fall)
  • Events and Entertainment in Tourism Development (Requirement for my concentration. Doesn't seem very interesting and I haven't heard good things about the likely professor.  Not sure how often it's offered.)
  • Financial Techniques for Tourism Development ((Requirement for my concentration. Seems interesting and have heard good reviews about the professor from several people, including my current favourite professor. Not sure how often it's offered.)
Anyone see the problem? To date I've taken three classes/semester and we're allowed a max of four. I e-mailed my advisor so we'll see what happens. I'm still really looking forward to Cultural and Heritage Tourism and Sports Tourism Development this summer.

I think things will fall into place nicely in terms of finding a month long temp gig between Prague and Australia and then I *hope* to find a paid internship for the fall.

Hey skyring, speaking of a year ago! Where on earth has this year gone?   

Mar. 22nd, 2007

girly girl

yeah, girly again...

First bought the shoes above at the beginning of February. Didn't *need* new shoes but was sick of wearing my clogs daily since I got them in the fall. Ended up returning them because I wasn't sure they were worth the $$. Fast forward to now and I'm still thinking about the shoes. So I go to Target today for some other things and think "Well if they're still there..."

They were, and they were in my size so I decided they were meant to be mine. Also tried on these in white and black but I didn't like how they looked on my feet. Need to figure out what I'm going to wear-both shoes and clothes wise- for Prague.

Also got an adorable gym shirt. Can't find a pic anywhere on line but it's navy blue with Big Bird, Cookie, Grover, Bert & Ernie and says "Representing the Street" ♥ the 80s will never die :)

On a not so cute not lampshade. Had potential on the hanger but I looked like a lampshade. Seconded by the fitting room attendant. "A cute lampshade, but a lampshade."

I need to stop trying to shop for clothes at Target and Wal-Mart, but I also need to stop being broke.

crocus in the snow

robin and the snow

Nope, didn't find those at Target. Got home and was thrilled to see the crocuses were coming up. And then I went robin stalking to get the 'perfect' shot against the snow. Yeah it's blurry but I still like how it looks.

Best bit of the day? 6 books. Total "cost" - 30 cents (overdue fine on a book I was returning). I'm determined not to buy any more books for a while so I'm really milking the library for all I can. The one near work is so much better than the one by home--so glad they're connected.

Mar. 20th, 2007

dad and I yankees


Thinking about actually using Skype while in Prague and Australia this summer.

Sounds like I'd need this for people to
call me (and at $12 for 3 months, it's quite reasonable - better than
renting a mobile phone)
and this to call others?

Don't know how many minutes I'd need to buy as nearly everyone
(including my 85 year old grandmother!) has a cell that they could
call me for free on.

Am I missing something?

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Mar. 18th, 2007

jesse&#39;s girl

Mmm, Spring Breaks are good for something...

I actually finished a number of books this week:
- The Accidental Office Lady
- Flight of the Goose
- Lincoln at Gettysburg

and started/read parts of a few others:
Gone Troppo
Bait and Switch

Unfortunately I killed off a number of brain cells today in watching a load of crap while working on my Marketing Midterm and Literature Review for Applied Research:
- Major League
- Duplex
- Relative Strangers
- 2 Hours/ 4 episodes of Dog! The Bounty Hunter

Yeah, there really was nothing on. I earned a day of that after my hard work shovelling yesterday. Does anyone know where birds go when it snows?

Mar. 12th, 2007

dad and I yankees

Insurance Insanity....

posting by e-mail because I can't log in...feels almost like I'm back
in Australia posting from internet cafes!

Realised that I've been updating my website far more than here, oops.
I think that's because it's mainly school related babbling. (Blog
posts syndicate here
even though the feed name is a bit out of date, if anyone wants school
and travel related thoughts).

Trip to Gettysburg was wonderful-not as hard as I expected it to be.
Could have done, however, without the fall that followed. Hence the
subject of my post. I fell and landed on my surgically repaired knee.
When it didn't get better after a few days I went to the Doc in the
Box who sent me for x-rays. Not broken, which I knew. There was no way
I'd have been able to walk on it if it was. So I went back in
yesterday for him to tell me to go see an orthopedist. He gives me a
referral but when I go to use that to schedule an appointment with a
doctor at SHC (since my insurance doesn't cover specialists outside
SHC to any reasonable degree), they tell me that I can't use that
referral. I need a referral from one of their docs. *Grumble* Driving
on this knee is not fun, an extra trip to get a piece of paper is not
what I wanted. I'm just hoping this will not require surgery.

Apart from my knee (which is more of an annoyance than anything else)
and the minor song related meltdown, I had a good weekend. It's
finally starting to feel like spring, yay. Took advantage of this week
being spring break and decided to do some reading for fun rather than
for class. Simple pleasures in life.

Mar. 11th, 2007

dad and I yankees

Heaven Was Needing a Hero

You're such a part of who I am
Now that part will just be void
No matter how much I need you now
Heaven needed you more

Cause heaven was needing a hero
Somebody just like you
Brave enough to stand up
For what you believe
And follow it through
When I try to make it make sense in my mind
The only conclusion I come to
Is heaven was needing a hero
Like you

Heaven was needing a hero
and that's you

Anyone have the song? I can't find it anywhere online. I tried Mininova and IsoHunt as well. It ripped my heart out on EM:Home, but now I want it.

ETA: Suppose the info would help "Heaven Was Needing a Hero" by Jo Dee Messina

Mar. 1st, 2007

dad and I yankees

(no subject)

It's times like this that I miss Dad the most.

I want to tell him that I'm going, and all about it when I get back, and then it hits me that I can't. He'd have been *so* happy to hear about this.

I can't believe it's 8 months next week.

Feb. 25th, 2007

chasing dreams

Tanzania and Travel...

So somehow over the course of an e-mail with mousie962, I realized that I'd neglected to mention my opportunity to meet the Tanzanian tourism delegation, which included the Minister and the Tanzanian Ambassador to the UN. To say that it was awesome was the understatement of the century.

I'm trying to start using my blog again and those entries are supposed to all show up here but that works half the time, at best. I hate technology at times. One thing the travel show made me realize is how much I love Japan. It drives me nuts at times, but I could have spent hours at the Japan table. I ♥ that Kiyomizudera is up to be one of the new seven wonders.

Picked up Jordan and Kate from the airport and then came home to find an invite to my 10th High School reunion. Uhhhh. No. Skipped the 5 and will likely skip this one too. Primary reason? Haven't seen these people in ten years, don't miss them and don't care to spend my 28th birthday with them.

Feb. 21st, 2007

shaken stella


Phone conversation with Grandma...

Me: Whatcha doing?
Gma: Watching the Idol
Me: Watching what?
Gma: The Idol thing. I love what he says. I'm waiting for someone to hit him.
Me: Since when do you watch?
Gma: I *love* it.

My grandmother. My 85 year old grandmother watches American Idol :o This ranks somewhere up there with finding out that Dad watched Sex and the City. *Boggle*

On a way cool note, I'm going to a reception tomorrow for Tanzania’s Minister of Tourism. That should be fabulous. Getting from Washington Square Park to Newark Airport though should be interesting.

ETA: First 2 min of CSI:NY. AMAZING!

Feb. 19th, 2007

chasing dreams

2/5 isn't bad...

So I found this post from two-and-a-half years ago. Two of five isn't bad at all, and two of those 'missing' can really be blamed on the trip changing course. I wonder where I'd be now if the trip had gone as planned...


Feb. 17th, 2007

dad and I yankees


My closet racks collapsed during the night. What a colossal mess. Photos later.

I need a long term solution but for now I have this in white. I'm not putting the organizer back up because this is the second time in ~9 months it came down. Might go back to a wooden pole, or check out some of these options. Any ideas? When I'm rich and/or have a bigger closet, I want this!

mousie962, I knew I'd end up working on the closet somehow or another.

Was also helping mom get her room ready for the painter. I know of course things need to be off the desks/dressers, but I hate putting Dad's stuff in a box. Apart from his clothes, we'd left his stuff untouched. I know it's not realistic to do that forever, but ... I don't know. I just...

Feb. 15th, 2007

determined stella

Wonder Woman!

stellaluna_, you'll get a laugh at this one, I think.

One of the Foundation Staff members came around soliciting contributions for the Capital Campaign. Since it was for the Cardiac Institute I made a donation in memory of Dad. The 'reward' for an on-the-spot donation? A Wonder Woman travel coffee mug! I am such an 80s geek!

moska_v, now all I need is a smurf one :-D

Snow cancelled class last night after I'd already decided not to go. It was wonderful to just relax, read one of two books I'm working on Nickel and Dimed (a good, if slightly frightening look at low-wage
workers) and The Accidental Office Lady (interesting look at 1980s Japan via a non-eikaiwa perspective). And these were for fun! Decided I would have been in class and not doing work therefore I could take the evening off.

And capping the evening off with a *wonderful* CSI: NY. Yes, life
*is* good!

Feb. 4th, 2007

dad and I yankees

(no subject)

A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder--How Crammed Closets, Cluttered Offices, and On-the-Fly Planning Make the World a Better Place

I swear that book was written for me. From The Economist
"...Untidiness, hoarding, procrastination and improvisation are not bad habits, the authors argue, but often more sensible than meticulous planning, storage and purging of possessions."

I love that photo, I really do. Thanksgiving 2002.

Feb. 3rd, 2007

dad and I yankees

Happy Birthday, Dad

One of my favourites, even though the photo is wonky. July 2004 trip to LBI.

He wasn't famous but I sure did love him
I've got his picture in a little frame
The hows and whys aren't important now
All that matters is they came around
And brightened up our lives

Photo spam, because I can even though I don't know why they're displaying weirdlyCollapse )

I can't believe this trip was a year ago tonight. Right about now I got home. Remember being thrilled I got here before midnight.

Happy 68th birthday, Dad. I love you and miss you.

Feb. 1st, 2007

dad and I yankees


I'm weird. I like tax season. Especially ones where my refund is basically the size of two paychecks. Had to file paper returns, which I figured, because of the complicated mess that is my returns this year. Capital losses, tuition payments, foreign earned income...

But hey, it's worth it to get $1,857 back. Not that I'm going to see it for long because I just paid ~$3400 in tuition, but it's less scrambling to pay said tuition. I still think school needs to be free. Any disagreements?

Back to prepping for Tuesday, we're launching Brooklyn Pass itineraries and suggestions to TPTB at Heart of Brooklyn. I'm really loving Tourism Product Development. A ton of work but so hands on. And it keeps me from thinking.

Jan. 25th, 2007

chasing dreams

That's a lot of zeroes...

So I got my 1098-T for NYU and under "Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses" is listed: 23269.00

Really puts into perspective just how expensive school is. Eek. So worth it, but still.

On another note, poor old guy!

ETA: iPod sold. Yay!

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